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      We believe that democracy is being threatened by extreme and polarized opinions, and we defend that the divergence of positions, instead of generating heated discussions and conflicts, can actually enrich conversations and bring new approaches to each person's point of view. It's not an easy process, but it's not entirely utopian either - all it takes is for both sides to be willing to listen to what the other has to say. This would enable an effective exchange of opinions covering the most diverse subjects, and thus demonstrate to the polarized that the individual is defined by many other characteristics, and not just by his political position. 
    Thus, we developed Despolariza as a way to bring individuals together, and make them realize that the relationships established between
must go beyond political opinion. In this way, Despolariza proposes to bring together people who are divergent in terms of political positioning, based on their common points in other matters. 
   The project seeks to promote  meetings between  pairs of  people with divergent political opinions among themselves in a pleasant social environment - such as, for example, in one of the project's partner restaurants.  Despolariza aims to bring people together so that they form ties and bonds, talking about their common points, instead of focusing on their political disagreements. The aim is, therefore, to teach  people to see themselves as more than mere political decisions, with the intention of deflecting polarization in future elections, and preventing aggressiveness from dominating political debates.
     We recognize the importance of discussing politics peacefully, in a debate in which individuals are open to not only sharing their worldviews, but listening to the opinions of others as well. Even so, the focus of the project is to encourage connections that go beyond the political environment, cultivating spaces for exchange on various subjects.

    We have the support of all,

Depolariza's Team.

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